playing EVH Strat guitar

MUSIC is much more than a form of entertainment:
Music can motivate, inspire or soothe a broken heart. The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, developed music theory over 2500 years ago, including the modes of scales that hold true today. It was seen as much mathematical as it was musical, but more importantly, as an instrument of healing. He would diagnose a person’s ailment, and select the right mode, key and scale to heal the troubled soul.

Songs are personal and the experiences of them are unique to each, yet there is something universal about them as well, an international language that brings people together.

I have been playing music as long as I can remember, from piano lessons as a kid to playing trumpet in my high school marching band. The first concert I remember going to was Duke Ellington with his band and I was totally blown away. Later, as a teenager, I picked up the electric guitar…and that changed everything! I have had the pleasure of playing in several bands and talented musicians for many years and I still play today…and will continue.

Sweet Savage

In recent years, I have been playing in the Hollywood-based band, Spiders & Snakes (although that chapter has come to a close), but am probably best known for my band from the 1980’s and the Sunset Strip, Sweet Savage.