Film and Meaning

Silent Film Director behind the camera

I have always been interested in all aspects of movies and filmmaking: from the written story through production and editing. It is a truly multi-disciplinary art form that requires skills from the fields of writing, lighting, photography, acting, storytelling, editing and many more.

While the digital revolution has changed dramatically the way movies are made and seen, the essential elements of storytelling remain timeless. We still need to be taken on a journey, identify with the characters and be inspired to believe that we, too, can become more that we think we are.

KUBRICK license plate 2001

(My actual license plate in 2001)

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From my teaching experiences, I have put together some practical tips for filmmakers, from story structure to the more esoteric aspects of visual storytelling. Wisdom traditions of the ancients gave us stories that told us how to live and survive in the world. Good movies can do the same thing, and have a real impact on ourselves, each other and how we relate in society.


In 1997, I made a personal documentary film about breaking my back a plane crash, and how I used humor to cope with being in a wheelchair. It was an interesting experience being both the subject and the filmmaker, which really helped me gain a new perspective on my situation. It won many awards at festivals and has been used by instructors in film schools ever since. I shot and edited it on 16mm film in Arizona.

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