American Dualism

The United States have become the divided states: Red vs. Blue. This narrative usually comes about during national elections, as a color symbol for the Democrats vs. the Republicans. Unfortunately, with a so-called 2-party system (there are actually many more parties), dualism, or an ‘us versus them’ mentality naturally arises. We often hear of having … Read more

Has Science become the New ‘God’?

“You just don’t believe in Science.” This quote is often heard, particularly regarding the validity of anthropogenic (man-made) climate change. This article will not participate with the climate debate at all, but it does bring up a point on how we view the authority of scientists, and whether science is something provable, or merely an opinion … Read more

The Myth of Multitasking

In our busy, hectic days, we have to juggle many things, sometimes several at once. This has given rise to the popular term, ‘multi-taksing’ and it seems we have to do this constantly to try to keep up. But as I observe others and look at myself in the process, I’m beginning to think that … Read more

Shiva the Destroyer: A Powerful Symbol for Change and Transformation

Shiva is the third aspect of the Hindu Trimurti (or Trinity): Brahma: The Creator of Life Vishnu: The Sustainer of Life Shiva: The Destroyer of Life At face value, Shiva might seem to be an evil god, but this transformation is absolutely necessary to begin a new cycle of life. In many Western and Native traditions, … Read more

New Website 2017

As I recognize 20 years of being on the Web, I thought it would be a good idea to re-boot my site and make it viewable on mobile devices. In 1997 I coded basic HTML by hand and now it is easier than ever to make robust websites. I have chosen to maintain the straightforward approach … Read more