The Spirit in the Sky: A Memoir

Not my life story, but a significant chapter in my journey. This memoir begins in 1991 as I was about to get in an airplane to fly in my first (and last) airshow competition, and ends when I started writing this book 25 years later. Finally, I was able to put into words the incredible spiritual experience I had in the plane between the time I called “Mayday!” on the radio, and when I smashed into the ground.

For over two decades, I spoke openly about the plane crash, recovering from a spinal cord injury, and what it is like to move through life in a wheelchair, but, until writing this down, I kept the celestial visions, the mysterious voice, and the spiritual message I received that day to myself. Now I am happy to share my journey with anyone who might be interested.

Available at Amazon: (there’s a free preview of the first 3 chapters)